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Merb AutoScaffold is a Merb plugin that provides scaffolding for free
for all models. Merb AutoScaffold currently works with DataMapper 0.3
and ActiveRecord.
==== Usage:
You must first build and install the gem. From the merb_autoscaffold directory, run:
$ sudo rake gem install
Then add a dependency in your init.rb file:
dependency 'merb_autoscaffold'
Scaffolds will then be available for all models in your application. If a controller
for a model already exists, then any actions in that controller will be preserved,
while the missing CRUD actions will be added
==== Example:
# /app/models/blog.rb
class Blog < DataMapper::Base
property :title, :string
property :content, :text
has_many :comments
# /config/init.rb
dependency 'merb_autoscaffold'
# Run the Merb server
$ merb
# Scaffolds are now available at http://localhost:4000/scaffolds from your web browser
# You can customize the path to the scaffolds by editing the AutoScaffold's configs
# in the /config/init.rb file in the +after_app_loads+ block:
Merb::BootLoader.after_app_loads do
# scaffolds will be available at /foo instead of /scaffolds
Merb::Plugins.config[:merb_autoscaffold][:namespace] = 'foo'
==== Caveats
Currently, autoscaffolds only work with DataMapper 0.3 and ActiveRecord models.
Autoscaffolds also will not work with flat Merb apps.
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