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Sae is gallery module for Divi which uses Low Quality Image Placeholders (LQIP) approach to keep page rendering fast.
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Sae is gallery module for Divi which uses Low Quality Image Placeholders (LQIP) approach to keep page rendering fast.

What's with the name?

Sae is Sundanese (local tribe of Indonesian) language for good in polite form (Sundanese has different word for different level of formality and / or politeness)

I just need a decent and unique name for this project and I'm Sundanese, so that's it.


I recently gain more interest in photography which leads me to post tons of photo on my personal blog which uses Divi. I exhibit lots of photo per page and I want to display the photos on the highest quality possible (See this "blogazine" look post or this post for example); Unfortunately, it ends up making the page slower.

Hence this custom module.


Sae works with Low Quality Image Placeholder (LQIP) approach:

  1. Sae registers image sizes which tries to hit the sweet spot of enough for various breakpoint but not too much (see: sae_image_sizes(); Sae registers 6 new image size to cater mobile to desktop retina display). Note: this might cause your upload directory size significantly bigger. If you have very limited size of storage, this might not be for you
  2. When the image is set for the gallery, on front end, Sae will swap the assigned image with placeholder image of given image which has 150px width size
  3. On front end page load, this 150px width size is the one that is being loaded on page load which makes the document render quick. Once the document render is done, Sae examine the width of the module then load the most suitable image size and display the suitable image size instead.

Currently, Sae offers two kind of gallery layout: list of image / masonry. The Masonry layout use pure CSS solution based on CSS Column property.


Sae is currently developed by Fikri Rasyid.


  • Sae's repository is publicly available at
  • Sae is developed using Divi's create-divi-extension and compatible with Divi Visual Builder
  • Sae is licensed under GPL
  • There is a plan for more gallery layout(s) and more modules, but I keep my expectation reasonable since I develop Sae on my spare time.
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