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WooCommerce Newsletter Generator is a WordPress plugin which helps you to generate HTML Email code for your promotion newsletter based on your products that have been added to your WooCommerce library. This plugin is made to be easy to use. All you need to do are:

  1. Create new newsletter (as easy as create a new WordPress post)
  2. Select available template (or create your own template, which can be made as easy as create a WordPress themes, and hook it to the plugin)
  3. Select image, text, or products on your WooCommerce library
  4. Publish
  5. Copy the HTML code, paste, and send it using your preferred newsletter management service such as GetResponse, MailChimp, etc.


This plugin is originally made for my employer who awesomely agree to release this plugin as open source WordPress Plugins, Hijapedia. A short background story: my employer gave me these HTML email designs (basically list of newly released products which will be sent to email list) to be developed. After confirming that most of the time the layout wouldn't be changed (only the banner and the product lists will be changed), I pitched him an idea to create HTML email generator which will automate this task and save lots and lots of time in the future.

Hence, this plugin is developed.


Download WooCommerce Newsletter Generator v0.1 on GitHub.

Plugin Page

Official plugin page for WooCommerce Newsletter Generator can be found here