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Mining Community Calls

If you are interested in mining on Filecoin, how mining works, or the latest updates relevant to miners, you've come to the right place!

Our Mining Community Calls, or mining calls, provide a forum to provide mining-relevant updates to the mining community and an opportunity for community members to ask their questions. All are welcome to attend.

Please note: We expect that all community members who attend our calls follow our Code of Conduct. With repeated violations of the Code of Conduct, we will kindly request you to leave our community. This is extremely important, so we can make sure to maintain a warm and welcoming environment for everyone!

Also note: All of our major announcements (testnet launch timing, mainnet timing, hardware specs, and more) will be announced on our blog.

Call Recordings and Notes

No. Date Notes Recording Slides
1 Thursday, May 9, 2019 23:00 UTC agenda | notes recording (zh-cn) slides (zh-cn)

Call Facilitators

Since mid 2019, these mining community calls have been facilitated by full-time employees of Protocol Labs.

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