Simple array of timezones with their long name, tz code, and UTC offset.
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This package contains an array of timezones based on conventional options found online. It does not follow any complete data set, but all names are according to the tz format:

More specifically, the fields in the array are:

  • offset, a string from "-11:00" to "+14:00" representing the UTC offset
  • label, a readable label that contains the offset and a longer, descriptive name of the timezone
  • tzCode, the value from the tz standard


npm install compact-timezone-list --save
# or
yarn add compact-timezone-list


 import timezones from 'compact-timezone-list';
 // or
 import { minimalTimezoneSet } from 'compact-timezone-list';


  • The default export provides a long list of options, with multiple suggestions for each UTC offset.
  • The minimalTimezoneSet export provides one option per offset type, with a favourite chosen to represent each offset. This is mostly targeted to small, western-focused apps. But, every UTC offset is included.