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Thermostat Lovelace card
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Lovelace Thermostat Card


A simple thermostat implemented in CSS and SVG based on Thermostat Control by Dal Hundal (@dalhundal) on CodePen

  • Supports HACS installation
  • Extra ambient temperature
  • Allow changing of Opration mode
  • Allow avoid the card background


HACS Installation

Search for Thermostat Card

Manual Installation

  1. Download main.js thermostat_card.lib.js styles.js
  2. Copy to www\community\lovelace-thermostat-card
  3. Add the following to your Lovelace resources
      - url: /www/community/lovelace-thermostat-card/main.js
        type: module
  4. Add the following to your Lovelace config key
    - type: custom:thermostat-card
      entity: climate.gong_zuo_jian_kong_diao
      small_i: true
      title: 工作间
    Replace climate.gong_zuo_jian_kong_diao with your climate's entity_id and 工作间 with any name you'd like to name your climate with


Name Type Default Description
type string Required custom:thermostat-card
entity string Required The entity id of climate entity. Example: climate.hvac
title string optional Card title
no_card boolean false Set to true to avoid the card background and use the custom element in picture-elements.
small_i boolean false Set to true if you have 2 climate in one card. Default 1 big card. (Must clear browser cache after chageing this value)
step number 0.5 The step to use when increasing or decreasing temperature
highlight_tap boolean false Show the tap area highlight when changing temperature settings
chevron_size number 50 Size of chevrons for temperature adjutment
pending number 3 Seconds to wait in control mode until state changes are sent back to the server
idle_zone number 2 Degrees of minimum difference between set points when thermostat supports both heating and cooling
ambient_temperature string optional An entity id of a sensor to use as ambient_temperature instead of the one provided by the thermostat



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