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BTC Express is the first iOS thin client for Bitcoin transactions.
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BTC Express

BTC Express is the first iOS thin client for Bitcoin transactions.

BTC Express can connect you to the bitcoin network in a second without downloading any blocks or headers. Once connected, you can do transactions immediately!


  • Quickly and easily get up and running on bitcoin network.
  • Show balance of btc in your wallet on iPhone.
  • Do transactions with any other peer running Mac, Windows or Linux, etc.
  • Sending and receiving of Bitcoin via Bitcoin URLs.
  • Backup your wallet to your secure email.

Getting Started

Email your recieving address to others

Click and enter "My Address", choose a btc address as your recieving address, touch it. Click "email" on the popup menu, then send the recieving address to others via your Email.

Send btc to others via Bitcoin Address URL

When you received an email contains a Bitcoin Address URL, by just clicking the URL, BTC Express will automatically open and prepare to send btc to that address.

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