An OpenProject plug-in to manage meetings
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OpenProject Meeting Plugin

This plugin adds functions to support project meetings to OpenProject. Meetings can be scheduled selecting invitees from the same project to take part in the meeting. An agenda can be created and sent to the invitees. After the meeting, attendees can be selected and minutes can be created based on the agenda. Finally, the minutes can be sent to all attendees and invitees.

A more detailed feature tour can be found here.


The Meeting plugin currently requires the OpenProject Core in version greater or equal to 3.0.0.


Add the following line to the Gemfile.plugins to your OpenProject installation (if you use a different OpenProject version than OpenProject 5, adapt :branch => "stable/5" to your OpenProject version):

gem "openproject-meeting", :git => "", :branch => "stable/5"

Afterwards, run:

bundle install

This plugin contains migrations. To migrate the database, run:

rake db:migrate


Remove the line

gem "openproject-meeting", :git => "", :branch => "stable/5"

from the file Gemfile.plugins and run:

bundle install

Please not that this leaves plugin data in the database. Currently, we do not support full uninstall of the plugin.

Bug Reporting

If you find any bugs, you can create a bug ticket at


To contribute, you can create pull request on the official repository at


Special thanks go to


(c) 2011 - 2015 - OpenProject Foundation (OPF)

This plugin is licensed under the GNU GPL v3. See doc/ and doc/GPL.txt for details.