💬 Bot that synchronises messages from gitter and irc
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Bot that synchronises messages from a gitter room and an irc channel.

Install with npm install gitter-irc-bot.

If you want to test this bot, go to the gitter channel and join #gitterircbot on Freenode.

How to use

You need to set the following env variables

  • GITTERBOT_APIKEY Log in with your github/gitter bot here and take the personal access token. Important: This shouldn't be your personal GitHub account, but a designated bot account.
  • GITTERBOT_GITTER_ROOM The Gitter Room, e.g. datproject/discussions
  • GITTERBOT_IRC_CHANNEL IRC Channel name, e.g. #dat
  • GITTERBOT_IRC_NICK The IRC user nick of the bot

The following options are optional:

  • GITTERBOT_IRC_SERVER IRC Server name, e.g. irc.freenode.net
  • GITTERBOT_IRC_OPTS JSON string with options passed to node-irc
  • GITTERBOT_IRC_ADMIN If specified this person receives error logs via pm.

Then start the bot with npm start, or if you install globally run gitter-irc-bot.


To authenticate to the IRC server, you will need to supply password in GITTERBOT_IRC_OPTS. For example: GITTERBOT_IRC_OPTS='{"password": "hunter2"}'.

Using SASL is recommended if the IRC server supports it. You can enable it by supplying "sasl": true and the appropriate userName. Example: GITTERBOT_IRC_OPTS='{"userName": "gitter-example", "password": "hunter2", "sasl": true}'

Deploy on heroku

When deploying to heroku you need to set HEROKU_URL to the url of your heroku app. Otherwise heroku will spin down your free heroku instance after a few minutes.