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Card Game Simulator (CGS) Wiki

This wiki is a guide to the Card Game Simulator (CGS) app.

By default, CGS comes with 3 card games:

  • Standard Playing Cards
  • Dominoes
  • Mahjong

The Standard Playing Cards is the first game that is selected by default, and you may likely be interested in:

a) Playing a Game using the Standard Playing Cards.


b) Using the Games Management Menu to select a different game.

Either way, it helps to first get familiar with the CGS Main Menu.

Main Menu


1. Single-player

Start a single-player game. See Playing a Game.

2. Multi-player

Join or host a multi-player game. See Playing a Game.

3. Deck Editor

Edit decks for the selected card game. See Deck Editor.

4. Cards Explorer

Explore cards for the selected card game. See Cards Explorer.

5. Games Management

Select a card game, or click the currently selected card game to access the Games Management Menu. See Games Management.

6. Global Settings

Settings like Framerate, Resolution, Developer Mode, etc. See Global Settings.

7. Quit

The quit button is only available on Desktop (Windows/Mac/Linux) platforms, and it will be hidden on Mobile (Android/iOS) platforms.