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FINOS - Archived

This project is archived, which means that it's in read-only state; you can download and use this code, but please be aware that it may be buggy and may also contain security vulnerabilities. If you're interested in restoring development activities on this project, please email

Please visit for updated content.

FINOS Reference FOSS Policy for Financial Services Institutions


This is a template for a comprehensive free and open source software (FOSS) policy for a financial services institution, including sample provisions governing the acquisition and use of FOSS, and contribution to FOSS projects.

The policy is available in Asciidoc format for easier changes and collaboration.


This Reference FOSS Policy is offered only as a reference, not as a complete policy or as legal advice. While this policy has been drafted to be generally applicable, it does not define every implementation detail. Every company's policy should be customized to its particular needs, policy and technical environments, and risk tolerance.


The template source document is written in AsciiDoc, a powerful but still lightweight markup language. Think of it as a super-set of markdown with minor syntactic differences.

A popular IDE is AsciidocFX, although most code editors support the format.

Asciidoc toolchain

There are many to choose from, but we suggest the Ruby gem asciidoctor.

To install on a mac, using homebrew:

$ brew install asciidoctor


To support many output formats, including Word documents, you may use Pandoc, a universal document converter.

To install on a mac, using homebrew:

$ brew install pandoc


To output this document in Word format:

$ asciidoctor -b docbook5 FINOS-reference-FOSS-policy.adoc | pandoc -s -f docbook -t docx -o your-filename.docx

Many other outputs are available via pandoc.

To output in HTML (the default):

$ asciidoctor FINOS-reference-FOSS-policy.adoc

Many styling options exist in this rich toolchain, including CSS.


© 2017 Fintech Open Source Foundation. This document is licensed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution (CC By) License, version 4.0 ( It is offered as-is and as-available, without representation or warranty of any kind, whether express, implied, statutory, or other. The original version of this document is available at Any modified version must indicate modifications. This notice and disclaimer must be retained on any copies and derivative works.


Reference FOSS Policy for Financial Services Institutions







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