Office Mover 5000
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This is a legacy Firebase example (for SDK 2.x.x). You probably want to use one of the up-to-date examples at

Inetech Office Mover 5000

Inetech Office Mover 5000 is a cross-platform example of a collaborative app written on Firebase. It helps you and your coworkers plan the layout of your office furniture with a realtime drag-and-drop interface.

It illustrates using Firebase on web, iOS, and Android. It also illustrates Firebase login with Google.

Check out the web demo.

screenshot of office mover

What's here

This repository contains a client for each platform, and data common across all three.


  1. This is a pretty advanced example project, so if you're not already familiar with Firebase, run through one of our quickstarts and platform guides.
  2. Copy the security rules into your Firebase, either by pasting into Firebase Dashboard or add your Firebase to firebase.json and deploy the web version with Firebase command line tools.
  3. Proceed to the setup instructions for your preferred platform.