Signed list of OpenPGP fingerprints for First Look employees
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First Look Fingerprints

This repository contains an up-to-date list of PGP fingerprints that First Look employees use. The list is signed by the First Look Authority key. Here is the authority key:

pub   rsa4096/FD3ED09F 2016-02-17 [SC] [expires: 2017-02-16]
      Key fingerprint = 86EB 84C9 6B2E 6267 6B47  C491 9BB2 9FF9 FD3E D09F
      uid         [  full  ] First Look Authority
      sub   rsa4096/4F632ADB 2016-02-17 [E] [expires: 2017-02-16]

To configure a GPG Sync endpoint, use these values:

  • GPG Fingerprint: 86EB84C96B2E62676B47C4919BB29FF9FD3ED09F
  • Fingerprints URL: