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#!/usr/bin/env python
''' - Setup script to install the ColorPy package.
To install the ColorPy package:
From the directory in which the ColorPy distribution was unpacked, run:
python install
You should now be able to say 'import colorpy' in your programs and use the package.
Creating the distribution:
python sdist --formats=zip
python sdist --formats=gztar
python bdist_wininst
from distutils.core import setup
data_files = [
long_description = '''
ColorPy is a Python package to convert physical descriptions of light -
spectra of light intensity vs. wavelength - into RGB colors that can
be drawn on a computer screen.
It provides a nice set of attractive plots that you can make of such
spectra, and some other color related functions as well.
setup (
description='Color calculations with physical descriptions of light spectra',
author='Mark Kness',
license='GNU Lesser GPL Version 3',
package_dir={'colorpy': '.'},
package_data={'colorpy': data_files},