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Altitude TV & RSN Streaming

This repository contains the data for this post on my blog. Please read that for further information.


What is the difference between the data.numbers, data.csv & data.pdf files?

There is no data differences between the file formats. Some styling differences exist in each, and in the case of csv, where merge cells doesn't work, data is duplicated across the cells that were merged in the Numbers file.

How did you determine the Random Zip Code field?

Using I searched the city for the given market, and picked at random a ZIP code that looked to have the largest population. However, I did not spend a lot of time picking a ZIP code and it is very likely in some cases I chose a ZIP code that does not have the largest population. In the case of Denver, I selected the ZIP code for Pepsi Center (where both the NHL & NBA teams play), since it was the focus and purpose for this dataset.

How was this data gathered?

All of this data was gathered manually and inputted into the spreadsheet. Most of which was from offical league applications/websites, the sources listed below, and the streaming providers directly.

Why is this data only include NBA & NHL?

The purpose of this data was to gather information about why this tweet from Altitude TV is false and untruthful, and due to the fact that Altitude TV primarly broadcasts NBA & NHL games from their home teams, that was the focus for this dataset. If you would like to add more leagues and data, feel free to contribute and submit a pull request so others can benefit from a larger dataset!

What should I do if I find a problem with the data, or have further questions about the dataset?

Raise an issue (or better yet, pull request) on this GitHub repository, or contact me.

Sources & Credit

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