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GoFish, The Package Manager

Features, usage and installation instructions can be found on the homepage.

What does GoFish do?

GoFish is a cross-platform systems package manager, bringing the ease of use of Homebrew to Linux and Windows.

$ gofish install go
==> Installing go...
🐠  go 1.10.1: installed in 2.307602197s

GoFish works across all three major operating systems (Windows, MacOS, and Linux). It installs packages into its own directory and symlinks their files into /usr/local (or C:\ProgramData for Windows). You can think of it as the cross-platform Homebrew.

Want to add your project to the list of installable thingies?

Make a PR at fishworks/fish-food! Just make sure to follow the Contributing Guide first.


For troubleshooting, see the Troubleshooting Guide.


Please email security issues to Matt Fisher.


GoFish is licensed under the Apache v2 License.