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A Ruby gem for sending SMS via Keyteq's SMS service, KeySMS.
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KeySMS Ruby gem

The KeySMS gem is a Ruby gem for sending SMS messages through the Norwegian SMS gateway, KeySMS.

If you just need to run the gem, it's much easier just to install the gem:

gem install keysms


In order to use KeySMS, you need to register as a user and get an API key from KeySMS.


To send an SMS:

  • Create a new instance of the SMS sender: sms =
  • Authenticate using your username and API key: sms.authenticate(username, key)
  • Send your message: sms.send(your_message, receivers)

Receivers can either be a single phone number (string) or a list of receivers.


KeySMS will raise an exception if something goes wrong:

  • NoValidReceiversError: If one or more of the receivers isn't a valid phone number.
  • NotAuthenticatedError: If either your username or API key isn't recognized by the gateway.
  • SMSError: General exception in case of unhandled/unknown errors.
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