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Font Mfizz by Fizzed

Vector Icons for Technology and Software Geeks

Font Mfizz provides scalable vector icons representing programming languages, operating systems, software engineering, and technology. It was designed designed for technology and software geeks. It can be customized — size, color, drop shadow, and anything that can be done with the power of CSS.

View icons in action and usage information

Designed by Fizzed, Inc.

Updates tweeted @fizzed_inc

Sponsored by

Font Mfizz is proudly sponsored by Greenback. We love the service and think you would too.


More designing. Less paperwork. Expenses made simple.


Download packages


cdnjs now hosts font-mfizz for use by all. Visit for more info.

Community contributions

Ruby gem (by @gingerhot)


Building font-mfizz relies on many system-level dependencies. Rather than you trying to setup the environment yourself, we have switched to using Vagrant to help automate the setup of a development environment. What's great is that even if you're on Linux, Windows, or Mac, you'll get the exact environment the font-mfizz maintainers use to build the font.

  • Install Vagrant
  • Run vagrant up
  • Sit back, get a coffee...
  • Run vagrant ssh
  • You're now ssh'ed into your font-mfizz virtual dev machine
  • cd /vagrant
  • java -jar blaze.jar
  • On your actual real machine, open up build/font/preview.html in your browser

Can I add an icon?

Short answer, yes!

Since this font is a hobby, the fastest way to get a new one added is to add it yourself. We're happy to accept pull requests and periodically publish new builds. Here are the steps to get an icon officially added:

  1. Does the icon fit within the theme of this font? Does it represent a programming language, operating system, or software engineering?

  2. Find (or create) a .svg (Scalable Vector Graphics) version of the icon you'd like to add. Please note that you may need to tweak and simplify your .svg file for it to be properly converted into a web font.

  3. Add your .svg file to src/svg. The file name will become the eventual glyph name (e.g. java.svg becomes .icon-java in the css).

  4. Follow the steps above to setup your development environment. Compile the font with your new icon(s). Verify they look good in a browser. Sometimes they need tweaking.

  5. Submit a pull request.


This project is licensed under the MIT License and © 2013-2017 Fizzed, Inc. You can find a copy of all of the licenses in the projects LICENSE.txt file.

All icons representing commercial companies are trademarks of their respective owners. The use of these trademarks does not indicate endorsement of the trademark holder by Fizzed, Font Mfizz, nor vice versa.