Tool to communicate with vehicle ECUs based on Arduino
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*IMPORTANT UPDATE*: New revision of the hardware has been uploaded (V2). The initial revision (V1) can easily be upgraded to V2 by just adding one IC. Check it out, as future FW revisions will be available only for the V2 hardware!

Tool to communicate with vehicle ECUs based on Arduino

Github repo for the tool presented at Blackhat Arsenal USA and Defcon 21 in Las Vegas on 2013 on the talk "Dude, WTF in my car!"

You will probably want to take a look at the wiki.

The KLINE library to be used with the ECU tool to create custom apps is now live!

*IMPORTANT*: It is very recommended that you stick to the MC33290 level shifter as per the easy schematics, as we are having issues while programming the mini pro with the SI9241. Use of any other level shifter is discouraged until further notice.

Oh, and we guess you will want be building the hardware interface from the schematics, there is something pretty cool coming for it soon, so dont say i didnt warn you! ;)

Feel free to email or tweet us for beta code requests (at your own risk!) @fjvva Francisco Javier Vázquez Vidal @algillera Alberto García Illera