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Fonts by Flagrow logo Flagrow, a project of Gravure

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Easily add Google Fonts to your Flarum install.

Note: To work around an issue with Flarum, we disable horizontal scrolling of editor controls on mobile. This could make it impossible to access some buttons while on a narrow screen.


Use Bazaar or install manually:

composer require flagrow/fonts


Before you start using the extension, create a Google Fonts API Key and save it in the extension settings (you should automatically get a prompt after enabling the extension).

Go to the Admin panel > Fonts to enable fonts.

Use them in your posts with the [font] BBCode. For example:

[font=Fresca]Hello World[/font]

Don't forget: adding many fonts will increase your website size and load time. Keep them to a minimum.

Support our work

We prefer to keep our work available to everyone. In order to do so we rely on voluntary contributions on Patreon.


If you discover a security vulnerability within Fonts, please send an email to the Gravure team at All security vulnerabilities will be promptly addressed.

Please include as many details as possible. You can use php flarum info to get the PHP, Flarum and extension versions installed.


An extension by Flagrow, a project of Gravure.