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The Common Chicken Runtime Engine

The CCRE solves the problem of writing elegant and maintainable robot software by using a dataflow model and taking care of the infrastructure for your project so that you can focus on the important parts of your code.

Here's an example of a robot piloted with Tank Drive:

             FRC.talon(1, FRC.MOTOR_FORWARD),
             FRC.talon(2, FRC.MOTOR_REVERSE));

Or, something more interesting: an example of a shifting drive train:

BooleanOutput shifter = FRC.solenoid(2);


  • Dataflow-based programming
  • Modern framework for FRC robot code
  • An emulator to test robot code without a robot
  • A high-quality publish-subscribe networking system
  • Robust error handling
  • No dependency on WPILib plugins

Documentation and Quickstart Guide

Please read our documentation and quickstart guide!



If you are having issues, please let us know. You can reach the primary developer at: robotics [at] celskeggs [dot] com


The project is licensed under the LGPL, which means that you can freely use it as a dependency of your project without affecting the license that you use for your project. This is approximate: you should review the terms of the license, which can be found in COPYING and COPYING.LESSER.

Since this project is publicly available, you can use it for FRC robot software legally under the rules (as of 2015), as long as, if you make any changes before Kickoff, you make your changes available publicly. That's because of the FRC rules, not the license. The license does mean that if you release changes to this framework itself publicly, you pretty much have to also make those changes available under the LGPL.


The CCRE is Team 1540's powerful open-source robot code framework, primarily for FIRST Robotics Competition robots.




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