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Welcome to the Agora v0.5

This is the Agora. You can find it live at

Note the server-side aspect of (which is only a particular implementation; the Agora is an open protocol) is not in this repository. For that, please check agora-server.

What's an Agora?

An Agora is a distributed, goal-oriented social network centered around a cooperatively built and maintained knowledge graph. The implementation you are currently looking at tries to assemble such a graph out of a collection of digital gardens.

You can view the Agora at For the specifics of how to write to it, please refer to the how to. On a high level it entails taking notes using a personal knowledge management tool and then making them available somewhere on the internet for the Agora to pull them and integrate them.


Join the Agora now:

This is how the Agora will eventually work:

You can think of the Agora as a virtual place assembled from interesting fragments of our internet. It is a repository of many such places, interlinked. Feel free to explore and have fun!

Who builds the Agora?

The Agoreans build the Agora.

Anybody can become an Agorean: you just need to be interested in building or maintaining an Agora, and willing to uphold and preserve its Contract.


Please refer to CONTRACT.

If you contribute directly to an Agora you are assumed to be in agreement with its then current Contract.

If you disagree with any item in the Contract, or would like to improve it, please send a PR. You can also, of course, fork the Agora anytime for any reason. In this way you gain full control over its Contract, although not over its users and existing places: you are in effect creating a new Agora.

Places in this Agora

  • Gardens: here you'll find a collection of digital gardens, or personal knowledge bases, from around the internet (starting with those volunteered by the Agoreans).
  • Stoas: subspaces built by groups of Agoreans in which participating users actively seek to engage in constructive, honest, charitable discussion about interesting topics, like their common objectives.
    • To be implemented.


A possible implementation of the Agora (




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