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PHP Client for the IndexTank API (v1)
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IndexTank API Client for PHP by Gilles

Version 2.x:

WARNING: NOT AUTOMATICALLY BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE. This version renames almost all the classes in the library.

Probably, you should just apply the following changes:

  • Include indextank.php file instead of indextank_client.php
  • Rename class ApiClient to Indextank_Api

But here is the list of classes that changed their names:

  • ApiClient --> Indextank_Api
  • IndexClient --> Indextank_Index
  • ApiResponse --> Indextank_Response

  • All exception classes extends Indextank_Exception

  • InvalidResponseFromServer --> Indextank_Exception_InvalidResponseFromServer
  • TooManyIndexes --> Indextank_Exception_TooManyIndexes
  • IndexAlreadyExists --> Indextank_Exception_IndexAlreadyExists
  • IndexDoesNotExist --> Indextank_Exception_IndexDoesNotExist
  • InvalidQuery --> Indextank_Exception_InvalidQuery
  • InvalidDefinition --> Indextank_Exception_InvalidDefinition
  • Unauthorized --> Indextank_Exception_Unauthorized
  • InvalidUrl --> Indextank_Exception_InvalidUrl
  • HttpException --> Indextank_Exception_HttpException


Installation with composer:

Add the dependency to your composer.json file :

    "repositories": [
            "type": "vcs",
            "url": ""
    "require": {
        "flaptor/indextank-php": "dev-master"

Then run the composer update command.

Note : the package is not yet registered in packagist so you must add the repositories configuration

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