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@dorkster dorkster released this
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Engine features

  • Players now have their own private stash in addition to the shared stash.
  • Expanded the 'no_stash' Item variable to account for having multiple stashes.

Engine fixes

  • Fix bug where items could be dragged from the vendor window and dropped in the opposite vendor tab.
  • Fix bug that caused item max_quantity to be reset when attempting to append an item definition.
  • Fix bug where Powers with 'replace_by_effect' would still use properties from the parent power, such as animation state.

Game updates

  • Items that couldn't be stashed in the last update can now be put in the private stash.
  • Salted Field: moved chest to the south end of the map to prevent easy farming.

Translation updates

  • Belarusian (be) update (Zmicer Turok)
  • German (de) update (Wuzzy2)
  • Hungarian (hu) by bzt
  • Ukranian (uk) update (Igor Paliychuk)