@tobscure tobscure released this Oct 19, 2016 · 823 commits to master since this release

Assets 2


  • Allow separation of public and base directories. (@bmalex88)
  • Introduce superficial permission dependency tree to make UI more intuitive.
  • Add specific error message when an email address is not found in forgot password modal. (@datitisev)
  • Pull in FontAwesome as a Composer dependency, and update to 4.6.
  • Add ability to view the IP address for a post in its meta dropdown. (@dav-is)
  • Show an upload icon instead of a user's default avatar on their own profile. (@datitisev)
  • Add admin pane to configure SMTP settings. (@datitisev)
  • Add ability to upload forum logo and favicon.
  • Add ability to add custom HTML above the Flarum header.
  • Log exceptions in error handler middleware.
  • Add CLI installer option to write the config file to a different path.
  • Allow extensions to add default model attributes.
  • Add Server extend API to allow skeleton to customise the Application instance.
  • Automatically support basic HTML tags in translations.
  • Add cache:clear CLI command.


  • Updated s9e\TextFormatter to 0.5.0. (@JoshyPHP)
  • Improve inline code styling. (@datitisev)
  • Use group ID instead of name in generated class names.
  • Scroll to reply preview immediately when opening composer.
  • Change post edited icon into text. (@datitisev)
  • Clean up discussion renamed posts to only show the new title.
  • Extract list keyboard navigation code from search into a reusable class.
  • Improve text contrast, especially in dark mode.
  • Change permission logic priorities; change policy catch-all method from before to after.
  • Simplify deleted post toggle CSS.
  • Refactor web app bootstrapping code.


  • Deprecated ConfigureClientView event; use ConfigureWebApp instead.


  • Removed AbstractPolicy@before method; use after instead.
  • Removed broken extension generator CLI command.


  • Prevent scrubber post count from exceeding maximum value. (@augiwan)
  • Validate password when resetting. (@poush)
  • Only check for reply permission for actual replies.
  • Fix post controls not being clickable in some circumstances.
  • Don't show username/email fields when editing own account.
  • Prevent images from loading when generating excerpt post content. (@dav-is)
  • Fix avatar upload on Windows servers. (@KazeFlame)
  • Prevent humanTime helper from generating future times.
  • Fix settings not automatically showing when an extension is enabled.
  • Fix post header items sometimes getting out of order.
  • Remove temporary file after avatar upload failure.
  • Make search dropdown filtering case-insensitive.
  • Automatically focus on composer textarea when tapped on iOS.
  • Prevent page zoom on input focus in iOS 10.

Also see the 0.1.0-beta.6 release notes for: akismet approval auth-facebook auth-github auth-twitter bbcode emoji english flags likes lock markdown mentions pusher sticky subscriptions suspend tags