Composer starter project for Flarum
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Flarum is free, open-source forum software built with PHP and Mithril.js. It is:

  • Simple, with a responsive UI that is optimized for touch devices
  • Fast, with a total JS payload size of ~130 KB gzipped
  • Extensible, so you can tailor it to your use-case



Flarum is currently in beta and should not be used in production. It is being developed openly on GitHub. Check out the Roadmap to follow along with our progress.

You must have SSH access to a server with PHP 5.5+ and MySQL 5.5+, and install Composer.

composer create-project flarum/flarum . --stability=beta

Read the Installation Guide for more information.


This repository holds the Flarum skeleton application. Its dependencies, such as flarum/core (where most development happens), have to be installed using Composer.


Refer to the FAQ, Documentation, and ask questions on the Community Forum or Discord Chat.


Flarum is open-source and we would love your help building it! Please read the Contributing Guide to learn how you can help.


Copyright (c) 2015 Toby Zerner. Code released under the MIT License.