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js Bundled output for commit 1a52313 [skip ci] Dec 3, 2018
less Webpack (#33) Jun 20, 2018
migrations Depend on Laravel 5.7 for correct index names Feb 3, 2019
views/emails Fixes : use display_name in mail and in subject (#35) Mar 6, 2019
.deploy.enc Fix Travis' deploy key Jun 20, 2018
.editorconfig Add phpcs, Travis, clean up editorconfig and eslint Sep 4, 2015
.gitignore Webpack (#33) Jun 20, 2018
.styleci.yml Update StyleCI rules Nov 16, 2016
.travis.yml Fix travis builds Dec 3, 2018 changelog for 0.1.0-beta.9 Jun 24, 2019
LICENSE Remove copyright year from LICENSE Nov 21, 2018
composer.json update constraint Jun 24, 2019
extend.php Get rid of event subscribers that resolve services too early Dec 16, 2018
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