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import { Instance } from "./instance";
import { CustomLocale, key as LocaleKey, Locale } from "./locale";
export type DateOption = Date | string | number;
export type DateRangeLimit<D = DateOption> = { from: D; to: D };
export type DateLimit<D = DateOption> =
| D
| DateRangeLimit<D>
| ((date: Date) => boolean);
export type Hook = (
dates: Date[],
currentDateString: string,
self: Instance,
data?: any
) => void;
export type HookKey =
| "onChange"
| "onClose"
| "onDayCreate"
| "onDestroy"
| "onKeyDown"
| "onMonthChange"
| "onOpen"
| "onParseConfig"
| "onReady"
| "onValueUpdate"
| "onYearChange"
| "onPreCalendarPosition";
export const HOOKS: HookKey[] = [
export type Plugin<E = {}> = (fp: Instance & E) => Options;
export interface BaseOptions {
Allows the user to enter a date directly input the input field. By default, direct entry is disabled.
allowInput: boolean;
/* Allow preloading of invalid date */
allowInvalidPreload: boolean;
/* Exactly the same as date format, but for the altInput field */
altFormat: string;
/* Show the user a readable date (as per altFormat), but return something totally different to the server.*/
altInput: boolean;
/* This class will be added to the input element created by the altInput option. Note that altInput already inherits classes from the original input. */
altInputClass: string;
/* Whether to enable animations, such as month transitions */
animate: boolean;
/* Instead of body, appends the calendar to the specified node instead. */
appendTo: HTMLElement;
/* Defines how the date will be formatted in the aria-label for calendar days, using the same tokens as dateFormat. If you change this, you should choose a value that will make sense if a screen reader reads it out loud. */
/* Defaults to "F j, Y" */
ariaDateFormat: string;
/* Whether the default time should be auto-filled when the input is empty and gains or loses focus. */
/* Defaults to true */
autoFillDefaultTime: boolean;
Whether clicking on the input should open the picker.
Set it to false if you only want to open the calendar programmatically
clickOpens: boolean;
/* Whether calendar should close after date selection */
closeOnSelect: boolean;
If "mode" is "multiple", this string will be used to join
selected dates together for the date input value.
conjunction: string;
A string of characters which are used to define how the date will be displayed in the input box.
dateFormat: string;
/* The initial selected date(s). */
defaultDate: DateOption | DateOption[];
/* Initial value of the hour element, when no date is selected */
defaultHour: number;
/* Initial value of the minute element, when no date is selected */
defaultMinute: number;
/* Initial value of the seconds element, when no date is selected */
defaultSeconds: number;
Disables certain dates, preventing them from being selected.
See */
disable: DateLimit<DateOption>[];
/* Set this to true to always use the non-native picker on mobile devices.
By default, Flatpickr utilizes native datetime widgets unless certain options (e.g. disable) are used. */
disableMobile: boolean;
/* Disables all dates except these specified. See */
enable: DateLimit<DateOption>[];
/* Enables seconds selection in the time picker.
enableSeconds: boolean;
/* Enables the time picker */
enableTime: boolean;
errorHandler: (e: Error) => void;
/* Allows using a custom date formatting function instead of the built-in. Generally unnecessary. */
formatDate: (date: Date, format: string, locale: Locale) => string;
/* If "weekNumbers" are enabled, this is the function that outputs the week number for a given dates, optionally along with other text */
getWeek: (date: Date) => string | number;
/* Adjusts the step for the hour input (incl. scrolling) */
hourIncrement: number;
/* By default, clicking anywhere outside of calendar/input will close the calendar.
Clicking on elements specified in this option will not close the calendar */
ignoredFocusElements: HTMLElement[];
/* Displays the calendar inline */
inline: boolean;
/* The locale, either as a string (e.g. "ru", "en") or as an object.
See */
locale: LocaleKey | Partial<CustomLocale>;
/* The maximum date that a user can pick to (inclusive). */
maxDate: DateOption;
/* The maximum time that a user can pick to (inclusive). */
maxTime: DateOption;
/* The minimum date that a user can start picking from (inclusive). */
minDate: DateOption;
/* The minimum time that a user can start picking from (inclusive). */
minTime: DateOption;
/* Adjusts the step for the minute input (incl. scrolling)
Defaults to 5 */
minuteIncrement: number;
/* Date selection mode, defaults to "single" */
mode: "single" | "multiple" | "range" | "time";
/* How the month selector in the calendar should be shown */
monthSelectorType: "dropdown" | "static";
/* HTML for the right arrow icon, used to switch months. */
nextArrow: string;
/* Hides the day selection in calendar.
Use it along with "enableTime" to create a time picker. */
noCalendar: boolean;
now?: DateOption;
/* Fires when the selected dates have changed - when a date is picked or cleared, by user or programmatically */
onChange: Hook | Hook[];
/* Fires when the calendar is closed */
onClose: Hook | Hook[];
/* Fires for every day cell in the calendar, where the fourth argument is the html element of the cell. See*/
onDayCreate: Hook | Hook[];
/* Fires before the calendar instance is destroyed */
onDestroy: Hook | Hook[];
/* Fires when valid keyboard input for calendar is detected */
onKeyDown: Hook | Hook[];
/* Fires after the month has changed */
onMonthChange: Hook | Hook[];
/* Fires after the calendar is opened */
onOpen: Hook | Hook[];
/* Fires after the configuration for the calendar is parsed */
onParseConfig: Hook | Hook[];
/* Fires once the calendar instance is ready */
onReady: Hook | Hook[];
/* Like onChange, but fires immediately after any date changes */
onValueUpdate: Hook | Hook[];
/* Fires after the year has changed */
onYearChange: Hook | Hook[];
onPreCalendarPosition: Hook | Hook[];
/* A custom datestring parser */
parseDate: (date: string, format: string) => Date;
/* Plugins. See */
plugins: Plugin[];
/* How the calendar should be positioned with regards to the input. Defaults to "auto" */
| "auto"
| "above"
| "below"
| "auto left"
| "auto center"
| "auto right"
| "above left"
| "above center"
| "above right"
| "below left"
| "below center"
| "below right"
| ((self: Instance, customElement: HTMLElement | undefined) => void);
The element off of which the calendar will be positioned.
Defaults to the date input
positionElement: Element;
/* HTML for the left arrow icon, used to switch months. */
prevArrow: string;
/* Whether to display the current month name in shorthand mode, e.g. "Sep" instead "September" */
shorthandCurrentMonth: boolean;
/* Creates a wrapper to position the calendar. Use this if the input is inside a scrollable element */
static: boolean;
/* Sets the number of months to show */
showMonths?: number;
/* Displays time picker in 24 hour mode without AM/PM selection when enabled.*/
time_24hr: boolean;
/* Display week numbers left of the calendar. */
weekNumbers: boolean;
/* See */
wrap: boolean;
export type Options = Partial<BaseOptions>;
export interface ParsedOptions {
_disable: DateLimit<Date>[];
_enable?: DateLimit<Date>[];
_maxDate?: Date;
_maxTime?: Date;
_minDate?: Date;
_minTime?: Date;
allowInput: boolean;
allowInvalidPreload: boolean;
altFormat: string;
altInput: boolean;
altInputClass: string;
animate: boolean;
appendTo?: HTMLElement;
ariaDateFormat: string;
autoFillDefaultTime: boolean;
clickOpens: boolean;
closeOnSelect: boolean;
conjunction: string;
dateFormat: string;
defaultDate?: Date | Date[];
defaultHour: number;
defaultMinute: number;
defaultSeconds: number;
disable: DateLimit<Date>[];
disableMobile: boolean;
enable?: DateLimit<Date>[];
enableSeconds: boolean;
enableTime: boolean;
errorHandler: (err: Error) => void;
formatDate?: Options["formatDate"];
getWeek: (date: Date) => string | number;
hourIncrement: number;
ignoredFocusElements: HTMLElement[];
inline: boolean;
locale: LocaleKey | CustomLocale;
maxDate?: Date;
maxTime?: Date;
minDate?: Date;
minTime?: Date;
minuteIncrement: number;
mode: BaseOptions["mode"];
monthSelectorType: string;
nextArrow: string;
noCalendar: boolean;
now: Date;
onChange: Hook[];
onClose: Hook[];
onDayCreate: Hook[];
onDestroy: Hook[];
onKeyDown: Hook[];
onMonthChange: Hook[];
onOpen: Hook[];
onParseConfig: Hook[];
onReady: Hook[];
onValueUpdate: Hook[];
onYearChange: Hook[];
onPreCalendarPosition: Hook[];
parseDate?: BaseOptions["parseDate"];
plugins: Plugin[];
position: BaseOptions["position"];
positionElement?: HTMLElement;
prevArrow: string;
shorthandCurrentMonth: boolean;
showMonths: number;
static: boolean;
time_24hr: boolean;
weekNumbers: boolean;
wrap: boolean;
export const defaults: ParsedOptions = {
_disable: [],
allowInput: false,
allowInvalidPreload: false,
altFormat: "F j, Y",
altInput: false,
altInputClass: "form-control input",
typeof window === "object" &&
window.navigator.userAgent.indexOf("MSIE") === -1,
ariaDateFormat: "F j, Y",
autoFillDefaultTime: true,
clickOpens: true,
closeOnSelect: true,
conjunction: ", ",
dateFormat: "Y-m-d",
defaultHour: 12,
defaultMinute: 0,
defaultSeconds: 0,
disable: [],
disableMobile: false,
enableSeconds: false,
enableTime: false,
errorHandler: (err: Error) =>
typeof console !== "undefined" && console.warn(err),
getWeek: (givenDate: Date) => {
const date = new Date(givenDate.getTime());
date.setHours(0, 0, 0, 0);
// Thursday in current week decides the year.
date.setDate(date.getDate() + 3 - ((date.getDay() + 6) % 7));
// January 4 is always in week 1.
var week1 = new Date(date.getFullYear(), 0, 4);
// Adjust to Thursday in week 1 and count number of weeks from date to week1.
return (
1 +
((date.getTime() - week1.getTime()) / 86400000 -
3 +
((week1.getDay() + 6) % 7)) /
hourIncrement: 1,
ignoredFocusElements: [],
inline: false,
locale: "default",
minuteIncrement: 5,
mode: "single",
monthSelectorType: "dropdown",
"<svg version='1.1' xmlns='' xmlns:xlink='' viewBox='0 0 17 17'><g></g><path d='M13.207 8.472l-7.854 7.854-0.707-0.707 7.146-7.146-7.146-7.148 0.707-0.707 7.854 7.854z' /></svg>",
noCalendar: false,
now: new Date(),
onChange: [],
onClose: [],
onDayCreate: [],
onDestroy: [],
onKeyDown: [],
onMonthChange: [],
onOpen: [],
onParseConfig: [],
onReady: [],
onValueUpdate: [],
onYearChange: [],
onPreCalendarPosition: [],
plugins: [],
position: "auto",
positionElement: undefined,
"<svg version='1.1' xmlns='' xmlns:xlink='' viewBox='0 0 17 17'><g></g><path d='M5.207 8.471l7.146 7.147-0.707 0.707-7.853-7.854 7.854-7.853 0.707 0.707-7.147 7.146z' /></svg>",
shorthandCurrentMonth: false,
showMonths: 1,
static: false,
time_24hr: false,
weekNumbers: false,
wrap: false,