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Minimal example of how to use the flattr v2 oauth2 api using php

Sample code to use the Flattr v2 web API

to get up and running:

the oauth2client uses httpconnection and httpresponse which wrapps the curl php bindings.

if you are using a server with apt you can install it by

apt-get install php5-curl

public api call

$client = new OAuth2Client(array('base_url' => ''));
$thing = $client->getParsed('/things/423405/');
var_dump($thing); // array

minimal sample code

create an API key at make sure you add a correct callback_url it should be something like http://url-to-your-vhost/callback.php
Copy /config.template.php to /config.php and enter your api credentials.
Point a apache/lighttpd/nginx vhost to the minimal/ directory and restart.
Open http://url-to-your-vhost

connect with flattr sample

sample app that implements a connect with flattr (based on sessions, no database, using coltrane framework)

see connect_with_flattr/

Documentation at
Questions: StackOverflow
Feedback: twitter

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