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Fix precedence problem in Shell out when checking env for emptiness; …

…it binds less tight than {}, but more tight than a variable...
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1 parent edf09da commit fa1c629f858a8f3c32e6ea8f7c1a12c2e8257447 @flaviusb committed Jul 31, 2011
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@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@ Shell = Origin mimic with(
out: method("Shell out to a subprocess with working directory pwd:, write stdin: to the standard input of the subprocess, and use printer: to alter the display printer.",
printer: fn(x, "From subshell: #{x}" println), +cmds, pwd: baseDir, stdin: nil, env: {},
pb = java:lang:ProcessBuilder new(java:lang:String[] from(cmds))
- if(not env empty?,
+ if(not (env empty?),
proc_env = pb environment
env each(env_var, proc_env put(env_var key, env_var value)))
pb directory(java:io:File new(pwd))

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