Just some barebones HTML/CSS to start each project. No single boilerplate or framework is perfect for all but here is what I've found works for me right now.
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Drought - HTML & CSS Barebones GitHub version

Drought is a HTML & CSS Barebones project. It comes packed with lots of great tools to get you started including the standards from H5BP. It also includes a typical HTML structure and basic CSS that I tend to always start with. This has grown over the past several years from just a few snippets that I used often to what you see. I have adapted so many great things from other boilerplates and added what works for me. Feel free to take what you want from it or get inspired to create your own.

Get Started

Requirements include node.js, bower, and gulp.

Get started by doing a quick git clone, git clone git@github.com:jamesfleeting/Drought.git, or downloading the latest release. Then simply run npm install & bower install && gulp to get any assets and compile.


If you happen to use Drought and have any problems feel free to file an issue above. Try and describe the problem in detail as "your code is brokenz" isn't as helpful as one might think.


James Fleeting


Major components:

  • jQuery: MIT/GPL license
  • Modernizr: MIT/BSD license

Everything else:

The Unlicense (aka: public domain)