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Resizing of Linux root filesystem before mount during boot
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Supported Linux distributions: CentOS 6, Debian 6, Debian 7.

Rework of my previous project, that was limited only to CentOS 6.

This tool creates new initrd (initramfs) image with ability to resize root filesystem over available space. Tipically you need this when you provision your virtual machine on OpenStack cloud for the first time (your image becomes flavor aware)

For now, filesystem resize is limited to ext2, ext3 and ext4 (resize2fs) including LVM volumes.

This code was successfuly tested on: CentOS 6.5, Debian 6 and Debian 7.2


cloud-utils (
parted (CentOS)


Install git, clone this project on your machine, run 'install'. 

On CentOS:

cd /opt
rpm -ivh
yum install git parted cloud-utils
git clone
cd linux-rootfs-resize

Tool is designed in modular fashion, so support for other distributions can be added without much work (I hope).

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