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A diagnostic tool for all instances inside the flespi platform ( Convenient access to the platform, channel, device, stream, storage, and MQTT logs. Detailed view of channels and devices messages. Real-time and history modes. Also includes a HEX viewer to analyze raw telematics data and MQTT Board to play with MQTT connections.





  • ES6 Javascript
  • Vue.js
  • Writing .vue files
  • Vuex
  • Webpack
  • Responsive layout
  • NPM ecosystems
  • Material theme
  • Dev Hot Reload
  • and many more!



You need to have a separate token with at least the following ACLs: Platform REST MQTT flespi/log/platform/customer/+/# Channels REST /gw/protocols/all{selector}/logs{selector}/messages MQTT flespi/state/gw/channels/{selector}/+ flespi/log/gw/channels/{selector}/# flespi/message/gw/channels/{selector}/+ Devices REST{selector}/logs{selector}/messages MQTT state/gw/devices/{selector}/+ flespi/log/gw/devices/{selector}/# flespi/message/gw/devices/{selector}/# Streams REST{selector}/logs MQTT state/gw/streams/{selector}/+ flespi/log/gw/streams/{selector}/# Modems REST{selector}/logs MQTT flespi/state/gw/modems/{selector}/+ flespi/log/gw/modems/{selector}/# HexViewer REST /gw/channels/{proxy-channel-id}/messages MQTT flespi/state/gw/channels/{selector}/+ flespi/message/gw/channels/{proxy-channel-id}/+ Containers REST{selector}/logs MQTT flespi/state/storage/containers/{selector}/+ flespi/log/storage/containers/{selector}/# Abques REST{selector}/logs MQTT flespi/state/storage/abques/{selector}/+ flespi/log/storage/abques/{selector}/# CDNS REST{selector}/logs MQTT flespi/state/storage/cdns/{selector}/+ flespi/log/storage/cdns/{selector}/# MQTT(section) REST MQTT flespi/log/mqtt/+/#

Build Setup

# clone the repo
$ git clone mytoolbox

# go into app's directory and install dependencies
$ cd mytoolbox
$ npm install

# serve with hot reload at localhost:7007 for
$ npm run dev

# build for production with minification for
$ npm run build

# lint code
$ quasar lint

# serve with hot reload at localhost:7007 for localhost:9005
$ npm run dev_local


MIT license.