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Remind is a simple library to remind your users to give your app a heart. A day after the user installs your app they will receive a timeline pin reminding them to heart your app.


Ensure your application is setup to use Pebble Timeline

Copy the contents of lib/reminder.js to the top of your pebble-app-js.js file. In your ready event call Reminder.remind({..params...})

NOTE: Reminder makes use of a timeline launchcode of 125435 to allow the user to open the app.

A Reminder Object accepts the following parameters

Name Type Argument Default Description
app string (required) The name of your app
message string (optional) Please give %app% a heart if you like it! Thanks! The message to send your users
time PHP DateInterval formatted string (optional) 1 Day The time to wait before the reminder is shown


//Remind code here
Pebble.addEventListener('ready', function() {
        app: 'Demo', //Required
        message: 'Please like my awesome app :P', // Optional - A custom message to send your users when reminding them
        time: 'P1W2DT3H5M' //Optional - 1 week, 2 days, 3 hours and 5 minutes

Uses PHPebbleTimeline to push the pins