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[DEPRECATED] ACLr8 is a Python script that tries to fix "ACL found but not expected" errors that commonly show up in Disk Utility on Mac OS X. Yes, it has a stupid name.
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ACLr8 is a Python script that will check your hard drive for the files that cause the "ACL found but not expected" errors in Disk Utility, and remove all ACL from them.

Although these errors are relatively harmless, they can be quite annoying and they can cause permission repairs to take much longer than they should (several hours in some cases).

Click here to download ACLr8 v1.4.0.


  1. Run the program by double-clicking it.
  2. Enter your password if asked (it is normal for nothing to appear while you type).
  3. There is no step 3.


The creator of this program takes no responsibility for anything it may do. You may use it at your own risk.

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