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Users of Debian (and derivatives) rejoice!

Building Debian Packages

git-buildpackage(1) is used to build Debian source and binary packages from a Git repository. Two branches are used, the first containing the project's pristine source (--git-upstream-branch), and a branch which contains the Debian packaging (--git-debian-branch). In the Flewton repository master serves the former and debian the latter.

The debian branch also contains a git-buildpackage configuration file (.gbp.conf) that should Just Work, provided that:

  1. You have git-buildpackage installed.
  2. Flewton's build dependencies are installed (see Build-Depends in debian/control).
  3. You have a repository with local branches for master and debian.
  4. You are on the debian branch.


$ aptitude install git-buildpackage fakeroot build-essential
$ git clone git://
$ cd flewton
$ git co -b origin/debian debian
$ git-buildpackage -rfakeroot -us -uc