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This is tcl.gd, a new Tcl interface to GD that is significantly more feature-
complete with gd 2 than Gdtclft.

Version 1.2

This package is a freely available open source package under the "Berkeley"
license, same as Tcl.  You can do virtually anything you like with it, such as 
modifying it, redistributing it, and selling it either in whole or in part.  
See the file "license.terms" for complete information.

Gdtcl was written by Karl Lehenbauer.


package require tclgd


Please see the tclgd manpage in the doc directory.


A number of simple examples of the use of tcl.gd can be found in the playpen




You can attach an existing gd handle to a tcl.gd image manipulation command
using tclgd_newGDObjectAttach.  This provides a way to grab a GD image created
by some library that you've linked your application with and manipulate it
from Tcl using tcl.gd.  Please see the tclgd_newGDObjectAttach manpage
for details.


Included with tcl.gd is a patch to Mapserver's mapscript Tcl extension to
use the aforementioned capability for integrating tcl.gd with C 
aplications that use gd to provide a tcl.gd capability for mapscript.

Consult the README file in the mapserver-patches subdirectory for details
on how to install the mapserver patch to add this capability to mapserver.


Makefile.in	Makefile template.  The configure script uses this file to
		produce the final Makefile.

README		This file

aclocal.m4	Generated file.  Do not edit.  Autoconf uses this as input
		when generating the final configure script.  See "tcl.m4"

configure	Generated file.  Do not edit.  This must be regenerated
		anytime configure.in or tclconfig/tcl.m4 changes.

configure.in	Configure script template.  Autoconf uses this file as input
		to produce the final configure script.

generic/tclgd.c		Interface between Tcl and GD
generic/tclgd.h		include file
generic/tclgdio.c	Channel interface to allow GD-oriented I/O to Tcl
generic/tclgdtcl.c	Init routines.

tclconfig/	This directory contains various template files that build
		the configure script.  They should not need modification.

	install-sh	Program used for copying binaries and script files
			to their install locations.

	tcl.m4		Collection of Tcl autoconf macros.  Included by
			aclocal.m4 to define SC_* macros.


Building under most UNIX systems is easy, just run the configure script
and then run make. 

	$ cd tcl.gd
	$ ./configure
	$ make
	$ make install


tcl.gd has not been built under Windows at this time.

The recommended method to build extensions under Windows is to use the
Msys + Mingw build process. This provides a Unix-style build while
generating native Windows binaries. Using the Msys + Mingw build tools
means that you can use the same configure script as per the Unix build
to create a Makefile.

If you have VC++, then you may wish to use the files in the win
subdirectory and build the extension using just VC++. 

Instructions for using the VC++ makefile are written in the first part of 
the Makefile.vc file.


The tweezers install like so:

          /       \
        lib       bin
         |         |
   PACKAGEx.y   (dependent .dll files on Windows)
  pkgIndex.tcl (.so|.dll files)

The main .so|.dll library file gets installed in the versioned PACKAGE
directory, which is OK on all platforms because it will be directly
referenced with by 'load' in the pkgIndex.tcl file.  Dependent DLL files on
Windows must go in the bin directory (or other directory on the user's
PATH) in order for them to be found.