A Flight mixin for sharing named resources between components
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A Flight mixin for sharing named resources between components. A component can provide a resource into a central registry which other components can subsequently request. On component teardown any provided resources are removed.


npm install --save flight-with-resources


Here's an example of two component definitions that use withResources to share appManifest data.

function providingComponent() {
    this.after('initialize', function () {
        this.provideResource('appManifest', {
            versionNo: '1.0.1',
            buildNo: '1234',
            url: 'https://tweetdeck.twitter.com'

function requestingComponent() {
    this.after('initialize', function () {
        var versionNo = this.requestResource('appManifest').versionNo;



provideResource, takes as string that uniquely identifies the resource being provided, and then either the resource itself or a 'provider function' that, when called, returns the resource:

this.provideResource('version', '1.2.3');

this.provideResource('config', {
    ponies: true,
    kittens: false

this.provideResource('kitten', function () {
    return {
        name: 'Fluffy',
        coat: 'Ginger',
        disposition: 'Misunderstood'

When a resource is requested, the request may also pass configuration data which will be passed to the providing function:

this.provideResource('custom-kitten', function (config) {
    return {
        name: config.name || 'Fluffy',
        coat: config.coat || 'Ginger',
        disposition: config.disposition || 'Misunderstood'

this.requestResource('custom-kitten', {
    name: 'Jasper',
    coat: 'Black'

There can only be one resource for any given name, and first-registration wins.


requestResource takes the name of the resource to be requested and (optional) configuration data to be passed to the providing function, and returns the requested resource.

If the resource has not been registered, requestResource will throw.

var fluffyKitten = this.requestResource('kitten'); var fluffyKitten = this.requestResource('custom-kitten', { name: 'Tibbles', coat: 'Tortoiseshell' });


removeResource takes the name of a resource to be removed and unregisters it so that futher requests will throw.


To develop this module, clone the repository and run:

$ npm install && npm test

If the tests pass, you have a working environment. You shouldn't need any external dependencies.

Contributing to this project

Anyone and everyone is welcome to contribute. Please take a moment to review the guidelines for contributing.