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"Natural" Natural Deduction

Repository for the "Natural" Natural Deduction system: a theorem prover for propositional logic that uses natural deduction and heuristics to find its proofs.


  • SWI Prolog version >= 8.2.4 for finding proofs and parsing to LaTeX code
  • Python version >= 3.8.5 for file operations and parsing input to Prolog code
  • The Python module PySwip version >= 0.2.10 for connecting Prolog to Python
  • pdflatex/TeX Live 2020 for compiling a LaTeX document


git clone
cd natural-natural-deduction
chmod +x interface/


  • cd to the interface directory and run ./ See ./ --help for more information and options. Note that while using the program via its interface, it can only be aborted by using killall python3. This is because of a limitation in PySwip. The interface has a set time limit of 10 minutes, after which it aborts the search.

Running the system within Prolog

One may also run the system from within Prolog.

Starting, stopping and loading the system

  • You can load the system by passing the program to the Prolog interpreter (prolog and swipl are equivalent commands) directly:

    $ prolog
  • Within the Prolog interpreter, you can load the knowledge bases using make/0:

    ?- make.
    • make/0 consults all source files that have been changed since they were consulted.
    • If you started the interpreter without arguments (i.e. just prolog), you first need to load the knowledge bases using [system]. and [queries]. before you can use make..
  • To test all queries at once:

    $ prolog
    • This will exit the Prolog interpreter if it has succesfully executed all goals.
  • The Prolog interpreter can be stopped with Ctrl + D, or by typing:

    ?- halt.


  • If the system gets stuck in infinite recursion, you can stop it with Ctrl + C. Then type a, for [a]bort.
  • To find out how long execution of a query is taking, you may use the time/1 predicate, e.g. time(q5(X)).

To do

(Note to supervisor and second reader: I will not change these things in the main branch until after I have received a grade for my thesis.)

  • Fix the issues with completeness and the search strategy
  • Add input file functionality
  • Add option to change the timeout time via command line
  • Add documentation (i.e. thesis report) for developing
  • Make this README more extensive in describing the options etc. for user
  • Catch syntax errors in parsing input formulas before starting to query