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Create Error classes
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create-error-class Build Status

Create error class


$ npm install --save create-error-class


var createErrorClass = require('create-error-class');

var HTTPError = createErrorClass('HTTPError', function (props) {
	this.message = 'Status code is ' + props.statusCode;

throw new HTTPError({statusCode: 404});


createErrorClass(className, [setup])

Return constructor of Errors with className.


Type: string

Class name of Error Object. Should contain characters from [0-9a-zA-Z_$] range.


Type: function

Setup function, that will be called after each Error object is created from constructor with context of Error object.

By default setup function sets this.message as first argument:

var MyError = createErrorClass('MyError');

new MyError('Something gone wrong!').message; // => 'Something gone wrong!'


MIT © Vsevolod Strukchinsky

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