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- <h1>
- Searching with Picky&#58; Redis
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- ruby / picky / gems / redis
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- <p>This is a post in the <a href="">Picky</a> series on its workings. If you haven&#8217;t tried it yet, do so in the <a href="">Getting Started</a> section. It&#8217;s quick and painless :)</p>
-<p>This post will be a very short introduction on Redis index backends and Picky, and how to configure your indexes to run on Redis.</p>
-<p>I intended to do a massive writeup, but since all you do is change 6 characters <code>Memory</code> into 5 different characters <code>Redis</code> it just seemed like a massive overkill.</p>
-<p>I admit though that many massive writeups have been done on even smaller changes, like &#8220;1.8&#8221; &#8594; &#8220;1.9&#8221; ;)</p>
-<p>Ok, so what am I talking about?</p>
- <li><a href="">Redis</a> can now be used in Picky as an index backend.</li>
- <li>In your config, do <code></code> &#8594; <code></code> and you&#8217;re set :)</li>
- <li>Memory and Redis indexes cannot (yet) be mixed and matched.</li>
- <li>In 1.5.0, Picky uses Redis database 15.</li>
-<h2>What is Redis?</h2>
-<p>Redis is – taken from the website – an &#8220;<em>open source, advanced key-value store</em>&#8221;. But this is not all. It also is a &#8220;<em>data structure server</em>&#8221;. Check it out <a href="">on its very nicely done website</a>.</p>
-<p>&#8220;But we already have the massively fast in-memory backend. Why Redis?&#8221;, you scream, indignantly.</p>
-<h2>Why Redis?</h2>
-<p>Granted, in-memory indexes in Picky are really fast. But they have a few drawbacks:</p>
- <li>Relatively slow search engine startup, as the <span class="caps">JSON</span> index files need to be loaded into memory. This is especially noticeable if the index is around 12 GB.</li>
- <li>To restart Unicorn without a hitch you need double the space the in-memory index needs, since Unicorn starts up a second master in parallel to the old one.</li>
- <li>They need to be reloaded to be updated (see last blog post).</li>
-<p>I haven&#8217;t had any problems with that, but I can see the problem. Hence, Redis.</p>
-<h2>How do you use Redis indexes?</h2>
-<p>Looking at the configuration that the scaffolding generates, you see that it uses an <code>Index::Memory</code> called books:</p>
-<pre class="sh_ruby"><code>books_index = :books,, :author, file: 'app/library.csv')</code></pre>
-<p>If you&#8217;d like to use the Redis backend instead, you&#8217;ll have to change <code>Memory</code> into <code>Redis</code>.</p>
-<pre class="sh_ruby"><code>books_index = :books,, :author, file: 'app/library.csv')</code></pre>
-<p>I know. Picky is hard on the typing hand ;)</p>
-<p>Uh. That&#8217;s already it. Welcome Redis. Bye bye, Memory.</p>
-<p>What you have to do now is re-index and start Picky:</p>
-<pre class="sh_bash"><code>$ rake index&#x000A;... indexing output ...&#x000A;$ rake start</code></pre>
-<p>Or, start Picky, re-index and search while it is indexing, to get some added fun value.</p>
-<h2>What is the impact of Redis indexes?</h2>
-<p>Compared to the in-memory index, what are the advantages and disadvantages?</p>
- <li>Faster startup time, especially with a large index.</li>
- <li>Indexing as-you-search. (No index reloading)</li>
- <li>Factors slower.</li>
-<h2>Caveats / Next Versions</h2>
-<p>The Redis backend implementation in Picky is not yet customizable. This means that:</p>
- <li>It uses Redis database 15.</li>
- <li>Returned entry ids are always strings, even when they were integers going in. You&#8217;ll have to convert them back.</li>
- <li>Redis and Memory indexes cannot (yet) be mixed and matched. So this isn&#8217;t possible: <code>, memory_index)</code>. Picky will notify you if you try to do so, so no worries.</li>
-<p>I am focusing on these points in the upcoming 1.5.* versions.</p>
-<p>One of the next blog posts will look at the performance differences between the Redis backend and the memory backend.</p>
-<p>I can already reveal that the memory backend will be faster. Surprise! ;) The question is: Is Redis so much slower as to be unbearable?</p>
-<p><em>Music, pregnant with suspense, fills the room: Dun dun <span class="caps">DUNNN</span>.</em></p>
-<p>So we&#8217;ve seen</p>
- <li>what Redis is.</li>
- <li>that Picky offers two different index backends: In-Memory and Redis.</li>
- <li>how you use/implement the Redis index backend in your search.</li>
-<p>Hope you learnt something new :)</p>
- Next
- <a href="/blog/2011/03/13/searching-with-picky-rake-tasks.html" title="Next post: Searching with Picky&amp;#58; Rake Tasks">Searching with Picky&#58; Rake Tasks</a>
- <h2>Share</h2>
- <p>
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- </p>
- <br />
- Previous
- <a class="previous" href="../../../2011/02/20/searching-with-picky-live-reloading-indexes.html" title="Previous post: Searching with Picky&amp;#58; Live&amp;nbsp;reloading&amp;nbsp;indexes">Searching with Picky&#58; Live&nbsp;reloading&nbsp;indexes</a>
- <h2>Comments?</h2>
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