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Dialogue ideas

  • Train table: “When does the next train to X leave?”
  • Shopping list: “James, can you find me some vegetarian recipes?” “Something with pasta.” (by Eloy)
  • Weather: “What will the weather be today?”
  • Quote of the day: “What is the quote of the day?”
  • Twitter: “Read me the latest unread tweets.”
  • News: “What’s in the papers today?”
  • Eight Ball: “(Should I marry X?) Roll the eight ball, please!” – “Maybe.” – “Damnit, James!”
  • Banking: “What’s the balance of X’s account?”
  • Downloading: “Please download [NAME] from [iTunes|BitTorrent|usenet]”, “With subtitles?”, “Yes please”.
  • Music: “James, I’d like some proper beating.”, “James, please play some romantic music” (iTunes/Spotify).


  • Eloy Durán: Cleaning & correctifying, “Ideas” idea!
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