Picky is an easy to use and fast Ruby semantic search engine that helps your users find what they are looking for.
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In use on: laut.de (radio channel search), goodfil.ms, cocoapods.org, wadoku.eu, twixtel.ch, wilmaa.com, paatle.com, and many more…

The Ruby semantic text search engine.

System Requirements

for installing and managing Ruby versions, there are two projects: rbenv and RVM.


gem install picky picky-client picky-generators

Getting Started

Please see the Getting Started section on the Picky website.

Working on Picky

Installing all gems

./install REMOTE

Running integration specs

./integration REMOTE

Running other specs



Right here. I’m happy to help! If something doesn’t work, send/gist me your application.rb and I’ll look into it.

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