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Kirby Focus

Version License Kirby

With this plugin for Kirby CMS you can prevent the most important part of an image from being cropped when creating automated thumbs.

✨ A core feature of Kirby 4 ✨

As of Kirby 4 this plugin has moved into core! Please find more infos on the official Kirby feature page. There is a documented way how to migrate the existing data of your project using regex search and replace. Thanks @FynnZW!

Thanks for your amazing feedback in the last years!

Kirby 3

The plugin does two things:

  1. It provides a custom field that allows you to set a focus point. The focus point is saved to the meta data file.
  2. It provides a new method focusCrop(), which uses the focus point saved in the meta data file to crop an image in such a way that the focus point is in the center of the cropped image – or (if that's not possible) at least isn't cropped.

⚙️ Requirements

  • Kirby CMS, Version 3.6
  • GD Library or ImageMagick

Please check out the kirby-3.5 branch, if you are using Kirby 3.5 or a version even older than that.

💰 Commercial Usage

This plugin is free but if you use it in a commercial project please consider to.

🛠️ Installation


Download and extract this repository, rename the folder to focus and drop it into the plugins folder of your Kirby 3 installation. You should end up with a folder structure like this:



If you are using Composer, you can install the plugin with

composer require flokosiol/focus

Git submodule

git submodule add site/plugins/focus

🖼️ Usage

1. Blueprint

Add the focus field to the fields of your file blueprint (!) and set type to focus like this:

    label: My Focus Field
    type: focus
    width: 1/2

2. Template

Use the focusCrop() method in your template to get a complete <img> tag:

  // you need a Kirby image object like this
  $image = $page->images()->first();

  // crop a square of 200px x 200px
  echo $image->focusCrop(200);

  // crop a rectangle of 300px x 200px
  echo $image->focusCrop(300, 200);

  // crop a rectangle of 200px x 400px with a quality of 80%
  echo $image->focusCrop(200, 400, ['quality' => 80]);

  // crop a grayscale square of 300px x 300px
  echo $image->focusCrop(300, 300, ['grayscale' => true]);

  // crop a rectangle of 200px x 300px and force coordinates (overrides user input)
  echo $image->focusCrop(200, 300, ['focusX' => 0.3, 'focusY' => 0.6]);

As with every Kirby image object you can use all the known methods like this:

  $url = $image->focusCrop(200, 300)->url();
  $filename = $image->focusCrop(150)->filename();

Some more stuff …

The plugin comes with some helper methods to get the x and y coordinates as floats or percentage values.

  $x = $image->focusX();
  $y = $image->focusY();

  $x = $image->focusPercentageX();
  $y = $image->focusPercentageY();

Focus (without cropping)

As mentioned by several people (Matthias, Guillaume and Ola) the plugin can also be used to set a custom background position without cropping the image.

<div style="background-image: url(<?php echo $image->url() ?>); background-size: cover; background-position: <?php echo $image->focusPercentageX() ?>% <?php echo $image->focusPercentageY() ?>%;"></div>

<img src="<?php echo $image->url() ?>" style="object-fit: cover; object-position: <?php echo $image->focusPercentageX() ?>% <?php echo $image->focusPercentageY() ?>%;" />


If you are using the same config for focus-cropped images over and over again in your project, as of version 3.0.3 you can define them as presets in your config.php like this:

return [
  'flokosiol' => [
    'focus' => [
      'presets' => [
        'square' => [
          'width'=> 500
        'rectangle' => [
          'width'=> 500,
          'height'=> 300,
          'options' => [
            'grayscale' => true

Afterwards, you can use the presets in your templates (assuming $image is a Kirby image object).

<?= $image->focusPreset('square') ?>
<?= $image->focusPreset('rectangle') ?>

Focus and srcset becomes focusSrcset()

As of Kirby 3.2 a new srcset method was introduced. Since version 3.0.3 of the Focus plugin, you can use the following syntax in your templates to respect the focus point in your srcset options:

  src="<?= $image->focusCrop(1000, 1000)->url() ?>"
      '800w' => [
        'width' => 800,
        'height' => 800,
      '1400w' => [
        'width' => 1400,
        'height' => 1400,

As of version 3.0.7 you can furthermore define your srcsets in your config.php.

return [
  'flokosiol' => [
    'focus' => [
      'srcsets' => [
        'homer' => [
          '800w' => [
            'width' => 800,
            'height' => 800,
          '1400w' => [
            'width' => 1400,
            'height' => 1400,
        'bart' => [
          '100w' => [
            'width' => 100,
            'height' => 100,
          '900w' => [
            'width' => 900,
            'height' => 900,

In your template file you can use the defined srcset like this:

<?= $image->focusSrcset('bart') ?>

➕ Extensions and implementations


Sylvain created the first Focus extension. Make sure to check it out!

This plugin acts as a JS image.upload / image.replace hook, processing the / each image with the focus component, determining its appropriate focus point and saving it to the meta data file.


Kirby Colorist by @S1SYPHOS is fully compatible with Kirby Focus. This plugin is capable of image conversion to AVIF, WebP and some other formats, as well as resizing them.

📋 License


It is discouraged to use this plugin in any project that promotes racism, sexism, homophobia, animal abuse, violence or any other form of hate speech.

🙌 Credits

Special thanks to all contributors!