Floodlight SDN OpenFlow Controller
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Floodlight OpenFlow Controller (OSS)


As of August 2018, the Floodlight mailing list has moved to floodlight@groups.io! Archives and the new group home page can be found here. Please see Documentation and Support below for up-to-date support information.

Build Status

Build Status

What is Floodlight?

Floodlight is the leading open source OpenFlow controller. It is supported by a community of developers, including a number of engineers from Big Switch Networks.

What is OpenFlow?

OpenFlow is a open standard managed by Open Networking Foundation. It specifies a protocol by which a remote controller can modify the behavior of networking devices through a well-defined “forwarding instruction set”. Floodlight is designed to work with the growing number of switches, routers, virtual switches, and access points that support the OpenFlow standard.

Getting Started

The quickest way to use Floodlight is to start with our pre-built VM, which includes the controller, IDE, and everything you need to use Floodlight and/or start developing. You can also deploy and develop with Floodlight in your own environment.

If you are a developer and are looking for project ideas, please take a look at our current issues. They are a great way to get started developing with Floodlight and provide a concrete way in which to give back!

Documentation and Support

Ready to get started using Floodlight? The Floodlight wiki contains user and developer documentation, as well as helpful tutorials from beginner to advanced.

Do you have a question, comment, or a great idea you'd like to propose to the community? Please subscribe and send to our mailing list floodlight@groups.io. Archives and additional content can be found on the group homepage.


Floodlight is supported by contributions from developers like yourself. If you found and fixed something that needed attention or have added a feature, please consider giving back by opening a pull request. We value each and every contribution, no matter how large or how small.

If you have found a bug or have a feature request, please send a note to floodlight@groups.io and open a issue to track it. If you are able to give back by addressing the issue yourself, please read the above and thank you! If you are unable to contribute a solution, following these simple steps will allow someone the opportunity to do so.

Interested in contributing but don't know where to start? Check out and consider addressing any of our current issues.

Authors and Contributors

Thank you to all who have contributed to Floodlight! Please reach out if we have missed you, so that you can be added to this growing list.