Yii2 modul to add files to your models.
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This module allows to add files attributes to your ActiveRecord Models.

This module includes widgets for ActiveForm to upload and, crop and edit files, and widget to show files in frontend.


Installation of module in you app

Just run:

$ composer require floor12/yii2-module-files

or add this to the require section of your composer.json.

"floor12/yii2-module-files": "dev-master"

Run the migration to create a table for File model:

$ ./yii migrate --migrationPath=@vendor/floor12/yii2-module-files/src/migrations/

Add this to modules section

'modules' => [
            'files' => [
                'class' => 'floor12\files\Module',
                'storage' => '@vendor/../storage',
                'token_salt' => '!FgGGsdfsef23@Ejhfskj34',


  • storage - path alias to folder where files must be stored. Default is storage folder in root of your app.
  • token_salt - unique salt to protect file edit forms.


Work with the ActiveRecord model

To connect the module to the ActiveRecord model, you must assign it a FileBehaviour and specify the attributes parameter, what fields with files need to be created:

 public function behaviors()
     return [
         'files' => [
             'class' => 'floor12\files\components\FileBehaviour',
             'attributes' => [

As for the other attributes of the model, specify the attributeLabels():

 public function attributeLabels()
        return [
            'avatar' => 'User avatar',
            'documents' => 'Attachments',

Specify the the validation rules():

public function rules()
    return [
        ['avatar', 'required],
        ['avatar', ReformatValidator::class]            // Automatic covert image between PNG и JPG
        ['avatar', 'file', 'extensions' => ['jpg', 'png', 'jpeg', 'gif'], 'maxFiles' => 1, 'ratio'=>1], 
        ['docs', 'file', 'extensions' => ['docx','xlsx], 'maxFiles' => 10],

If maxFiles is equal to one, then access to the floor12\files\models\File object can be obtained directly from $model-> avatar. For example:

echo Html::img($model->avatar->href)            // the web path to file
echo Html::img($model->avatar->hrefPreview)     // the  web path to file preview, if the file is image
echo Html::img($model->avatar)                  // __toString of File returns the web path

In case maxFiles > 1, for multiple file upload, the attribute will contain an array of objects floor12\files\models\File:

foreach ($model->docs as $doc}
    Html::a($doc->title, $doc->href);

In addition, there is a widget for displaying all files, which makes it possible to view images in the Lightbox2 gallery and preview the Office files. It is also possible to download all the files attached to current model attribute archived in ZIP format.

echo \floor12\files\components\FilesBlock::widget([
   'files' => $model->docs, 
   'title' => 'Attachments:',            // by default Label from model will used 
   'downloadAll' => true, 
   'zipTitle' => "docs_of_model_" . $model->id

Widget for ActiveFrom

Use special widget to upload and reorder (both with drug-and-drop), crop and rename files in forms.

    <?= $form->field($model, 'avatar')->widget(FileInputWidget::class, []) ?>
    <?= $form->field($model, 'docs')->widget(FileInputWidget::class, []) ?>

The widget itself will take the desired form, in the case of adding 1 or more files. If you specify the required ratio for images, it will automatically open the window with the image crapper.