Chocolate Doom port to STM32F429 evaluation board
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This is a port of Chocolate Doom for the STM32F429IDISCOVERY evaluation board.
The board features the STM32F429 ARM Cortex-M4 microcontroller with 8 MB
external SD-RAM and a 320x240 pixel LCD panel with touchscreen controller.

You need to attach a USB memory stick (formatted as FAT32) to USB USER (micro
USB connector) using a USB-OTG cable. The USB stick must contain a /doom
directory with the file doom1.wad inside it. This file is the WAD file shipped
with the original Doom shareware released by id Software in 1993. doom.wad from
the retail version is too big and therefore not supported.

The port makes use of the STM32 standard peripherals library, STM32 USB library,
ChaN's FatFs library, ub's libraries for STM32F429 and of course Chocolate Doom.


Using the GNU Tools for ARM Embedded Processors and 'make' just run:
# make


The screen is divided into several touch areas with the following functions:

Bottom left: strafe left
Bottom right: strafe right
Bottom center: back/menu down
Upper left: turn left
Upper right: turn right
Upper center: forward/menu up



STM32F429 evaluation board

Chocolate Doom


ub's STM32F429 Libraries