Add arbitrary complex tidal fields to Nbody6 simulations
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This directory contains several useful files for running NBODY6:

nbody6.tex is a TeX file which lists all the routines in dir Ncode.

chain.tex is a TeX file which lists routines in dirs Chain & Nchain.

input is a simple test input file. is a ps file of the New Astronomy paper (2001) which explains
all details of the code NBODY2.
It should be useful for providing relevant information about NBODY6
since no equivalent manual exists.

COMMON2 lists all common variables in NBODY2, many of which are used
by NBODY6.

NBODY5 shows the structure of code NBODY5 which is similar to NBODY6.

write5.tex is an old TeX file explaining details of NBODY5.

refs gives some of the main references to relevant papers.

poster.tex is a LayTeX file from Rome Chaos meeting announcing NBODY6.

man6.pdf is a pdf file for the NBODY6 User Manual.

To compile, type 'make nbody6' in dir Ncode (first check f77 or f95).

To run, type 'time nbody6 <input >out &'.

Please report any compiler error or warning messages.

Input: file `input' is for standard case and `inlog' for general case.
File 'inbins' is a template for primordial binaries.

The file opt6.pdf contains information about some option changes.

Dec 2009: NB! Options expanded to 50! Please ensure extra line of 10 zeros.

mcluster.tar.gz holds files for mcluster.c developed by Andreas Kupper.

May 2012: nbody6-gpu.pdf is the GPU paper with Keigo accepted by MNRAS.

April 2013: The directory GPU2 now contains Makefile for AVX.