Ruby library that colors strings using ANSI escape sequences
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Term::ANSIColor - ANSI escape sequences in Ruby


This library can be used to color/decolor strings using ANSI escape sequences.


Use rubygems to install the gem:

# gem install term-ansicolor


The homepage of this library is located at


The following executables are provided with Term::ANSIColor:

  • cdiff: colors a diff patch
  • decolor: decolors any text file that was colored with ANSI escape sequences
  • colortab: Displays a table of the 256 terminal colors with their indices and nearest html equivalents.
  • term_display: displays a ppm3 or ppm6 image file in the terminal. If the netpbm programs are installed it can handle a lot of other image file formats.
  • term_mandel: displays the mandelbrot set in the terminal

Additionally the file examples/example.rb in the source/gem-distribution shows how this library can be used.


Florian Frank


Apache License, Version 2.0 – See the COPYING file in the source archive.