Add your Amazon Affiliate-Tag to all Amazon URLs before redirection
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A YOURLS plugin which adds your Amazon Affiliate-Tag to all Amazon URLs before redirection.

Supported Partner Programs

This plugin supports,,,, and URLs.


  • Open the plugin.php file located in the amazon-affiliate folder
  • Replace YOUR_TAG_HERE in line 15 to 20 with your respective affiliate tags (each partner program needs a different tag)
  • Replace YOUR_CAMPAIGN_HERE with your campain name or assign null
  • Upload the whole amazon-affiliate folder to /user/plugins/ in the YOURLS directory on your server
  • Open your YOURLS admin panel in your browser and navigate to Manage Plugins
  • Activate the Amazon Affiliate plugin


Florian Schliep


The Amazon Affiliate plugin is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more information.